Mimi-photo-201301251-280x210Mimi says WOW!

Mimi says WOW! From the first application I was blown away by the improved radiance and clarity of my skin. In a few weeks the skin issues I had learnt to live with – minor breakouts, oily T-zone – were all but a memory. My confidence grew when I started looking at my face first thing in the morning and thinking – you’re alright!

As an online beauty writer I’m inundated with everything new in the marketplace and as a women I have tried a ton of products.
When I came across Awa I was routinely using a very high end skincare line and I didn’t mind the price tag, I’m investing in my future! I believed I was using the best.

The last thing I expected was to get these results. I so enjoy using the product because my skin just keeps improving and everyone is noticing. I get loads of comments about my skin is looking great.

Awa is natural, it’s made here in amazing New Zealand and I have never looked better. I choose Awa over and above all other Skincare and I recommend it to everyone who will listen because I know I’m doing them a service. What women doesn’t want to look her best, naturally.

AWA Creations – Natural, Gentle, Effective


It’s like a facial every day

My name is Natalie and I have been using AWA skincare range since August last year. I’m still amazed every time I use the refreshing gel how soft and smooth my skin feels. You will be amazed at how good your skin feels after just the first few times you use it. The refreshing gel removes all horrible dead skin, which leaves your skin rejuvenated and looking just amazing. I travel for work all the time to different countries with changing temperatures and it really makes a difference to my skin using AWA everyday. I often get comments about how good my skin looks.

The skincare range is really easy, gentle to use and like a facial everyday. A big thing for me is all the products are natural and not tested on Animals.


AWA Creations – Natural, Gentle, Effective

Demelza-Final-280x197This skincare range is amazing!

This skincare range is amazing! I have struggled with Rosacea for the past 10 years and have tried many different products to calm my red irritated skin.

After only one use I already noticed a difference, my face was even and calm and was so silky soft I couldn’t stop touching it! After 3 weeks the redness has faded and my skin tone is so much more uniform, I also don’t get as many breakouts.

The refreshing gel has made such a difference. At first I was worried that it may be irritating, but my skin is calmer now than it has ever been, my pores are smaller and my skin texture no longer feels heavy and clogged. I’m always surprised at how much dead skin cells come off when I use it!

Another thing I love about AWA is their beautiful subtle fragrances and the fact that all their range is natural and not tested on animals, this is really important to me as I’m an animal lover and like to use natural plant based products whenever possible.

I couldn’t be happier and will continue using AWA from now on.


I Noticed Results Immediately

I have only used the Refreshing Gel for a couple of weeks and noticed results from the first use. After a couple of days using continuously I noticed a fair glow on my face. My skin feels fresh. It’s a miracle product and highly recommended.

Harry S


POWERFUL in ANY Conditions

I am a kiwi living in Australia, and I use Awa Creations skin care products on a daily basis.

My Mum has purchased Awa Creations skin care range as gifts for me because she loves these products also, and now that I live so far away from New Zealand my Mum has to post these products to me when I’m running low.

This skin care package is amazing, I could not go a day without it and neither should any of my friends and family (Male or Female) especially in Perth’s hot and dry summer months.

These products literally hydrate and save my skin, they are so light and refreshing when applied to my face and neck, it’s the best skin care range I have come across that makes my skin feel naturally rejuvenated.

The moisturizing serum feels as though it blends with my skin perfectly as it leaves no oily residue and no caking feeling, just pure, light, softness all day every day. I hope one day Awa Creations will come up with a Body Wash and Body Moisturizer to make your whole body feel the same way.

As a mother of two young children and employed full time, life has its challenges and having Awa Creations skin care range to refresh my skin morning and night its worth its dollar. I’d recommend it to anyone who is willing to give it a try, you only have one body, take care and invest in your skin, you will not be disappointedJ

Sammy JMe


AWA Creations – Natural, Gentle, Effective
It feels amazing and glides on beautifully

I’ve only used the AWA skincare range for a week but I’ve really noticed how smooth and soft my skin has become over such a short period. Unlike many cleansing products, the cleanser lathers up really well and you feel like it’s actually cleaning your face, leaving your skin super refreshed and glowing. I particularly like the refreshing gel: when you rub it into your skin, your dead skin actually peels off. It’s pretty weird but you feel like the product is really working! I have quite dry skin so I really like the gel toner. As well as being super refreshing it doesn’t dry my skin out and puts that moisture back after cleansing. But my favourite product is the serum. It feels amazing and glides on beautifully. If I have had such great results after a few days I’m really excited to see the results after a month.

AWA Creations – Natural, Gentle, Effective
Remix Magazine – Seriously Amazing Skincare

Mimi Kelly is the artistic director/owner of Killer Hair, Newton. She’s an award-winning hair colourist and makeup artist. Every week Mimi will be doing what she does best… give her opinion.

Popping into Remix HQ I find Tina and Sophie all a buzz saying things like ‘incredible, amazing, best ever’ and this is all about a new skin care regime, Awa Creations. So you know I had to give it a try.

Awa is a very simple four step natural skin care system and I joined the gals in thrilled excitement from that first application.

The range was created by a kiwi after his wife and another family member went on holiday and decided to have a chemical peel, hoping to return home with fresh and gorgeous skin. However the procedure horrified him, their skin was burnt from their faces and their holiday ruined while they waited to heal. He asked ‘Why are women willing to do this to themselves?’ His wife replied ‘results.’

He decided to start investigating a natural way to achieve the desire for younger, fresher skin that women craved and from two years of heavy research came Awa Creations, a natural and simple regime… Read the full article here!


I feel as if I have just had the luxury of a full facial

Following the recommendations of my dermatologist for my acne-prone skin, I was hesitant to switch to a new skin care range. However, I have now been using Awa Creations for 6 weeks and can honestly say there is a real improvement with no sign of an outbreak! The clarity and suppleness of my skin is really noticeable and after I have completed my routine using Awa Creations, I feel as if I have just had the luxury of a full facial! To me, the products deliver benefits way beyond the pricing point.


AWA Creations – Natural, Gentle, Effective
I noticed a difference the FIRST time I used the products and couldn’t believe how much better my skin feels and looks!

Having developed Rosacea after having my first baby, I have found it very difficult and expensive to find Cosmetics that do not irritate my skin but actually work.

Awa Creations products are the only ones that have made a difference to the appearance and feel of my skin without me having any adverse reactions, which is a struggle for me as even soap and water can be too harsh.

I noticed a difference the FIRST time I used the products and couldn’t believe how much better my skin feels and looks!

Awa’s products truly are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone looking for Skincare that actually works, and being Natural is even more of a reason to buy, with the team @ Awa there to help with any questions that I may have.

My advice, buy it, try it, you won’t regret it!


I find it an amazing product

Hi my name is Rose from Sydney Australia, I am 63 years of age. I have been using Instant Wrinkle Reduction for the past 3 months.

I find it an amazing product, specially the refreshing gel as it removes all the dead skin from my face and leaves my skin feeling very smooth.

I have since noticed my wrinkles are not as prominent as before. I will be using this product for a long time yet.