The origins of AWA Creations

Whilst holidaying in Malaysia, our traveling companions had the latest skin treatment done. It was a chemical peel that cost them $15,000 each and left their faces red, raw and unsightly. It was painful, looked dreadful and they couldn’t leave the hotel for days. This got me thinking there has to be a better, healthier and more natural solution for women.

My friend Kim Liow is a fully qualified Bio-Chemist and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. I talked with Kim about the extreme nature of these skin treatments. My concerns about the severity and the long-term effects of these procedures were backed up by Kim’s knowledge of the ingredients used by pharmaceutical companies.

When I looked at my ancestors and they way they aged I noticed how their healthy diets impacted profoundly on their skin. I thought there must be something in this. The knowledge of the anti-ageing properties of a traditional Maori diet and the desire to create a safe, natural yet effective skincare range was the beginning of what was to become Awa Creations.

New Zealand women have the disadvantage of living under some of the harshest weather conditions in the world. With intense UV rays, sun damage is a reality for many New Zealand women. Kim and I had to take this into consideration when we began our research and development. We wanted to create a product range that nourishes the skin with natural plant ingredients rather than stripping it with chemicals yet has the same immediate results as the harsher treatments.

It took us 3 years to get the combination just right. The result is a skincare range that will feed and nourish your skin with plant extracts, we don’t test on animals, there are no nasty chemicals and yet the results are immediate. The key to the instant nature of Awa Creations’ skincare range lies in the synergy between the products and specifically the Refreshing Gel.

There are four products in the range: Facial Cleanser, Refreshing Gel, Facial Toner and Natures-Tox Serum. The Refreshing Gel is an incredible product that removes dead skin cells. The product gives immediate results and it is amazing to see what is removed from the surface of your skin. Pores are cleared and unblocked without having to visit a salon for an expensive anti-ageing treatment. The Facial Toner then works to close up the pores. And the Natures-Tox Serum acts as a DNA repairer, revitalising dead skin cells and replenishing the suppleness of the skin.

The name Awa means River in Maori, and this has a huge significance for me. Not only is it an appropriate name because a river is also a pure life source but I also have strong family ties to the town Awanui in Northland, near Kaitaia. Family is the core inspiration for Awa Creations. My ancestors inspired me to use the natural ingredients within the Awa Creations range and ultimately my aim was to create a safe product for my family.

Arthur Subritzky
Owner Awa Creations