1. Facial Cleanser- After a quick splash of water apply sparingly to the face, rub in a circular motion to a lather continue massaging into skin for approximately 1min then remove with a splash of water and dab dry with a clean towel.
  2. Refreshing Gel- Apply to a dry face sparingly, it is recommended that the face be split into quarters and each quarter done separately, in a circular motion rub the Refreshing Gel into the skin, a little pressure is required but not too much, rub until the Gel dries and the dead skin visibly appears on the face, brush off with a towel or hand or a quick splash of lukewarm water but DO NOT flush with high pressure water i.e. shower head, repeat application until the whole face is done.
  3. Toner- Apply directly to the face immediately after using the Refreshing Gel and in upward strokes apply enough for the whole face to be covered, allow to dry and remove any excess with a quick dab dry with a clean towel.
  4. Serum- A small amount in the hand is applied to the face and gently massaged in; it is recommended that the Serum is allowed to dry by itself and not rubbed in till dry to allow the skin to naturally absorb the Nutrients contained in the Serum.


Because of the contents of Awa Products this process can be repeated as many times daily as you like, however 1 to 2 times a day will help you achieve amazingly refreshed and revived skin, you will notice an immediate result the very first time you use the products.

The products are designed to compliment each other so you will receive optimum results when used as a 4-step plan as above and as part of your daily regime, however you will receive benefits whether you use them collectively or individually and are compatible with any other form of Skincare you may use.